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But they all refused to say.

¡°Get out of the way, Potter, you're in enough trouble already,¡± snarled Snape. ¡°If I hadn't been here to save your skin ¡ª¡±

¡°Harry,¡± said Lupin hurriedly, ¡°don't you see? All this time we've thought Sirius betrayed your parents, and Peter tracked him down ¡ª but it was the other way around, don't you see? Peter betrayed your mother and father ¡ª Sirius tracked Peter down ¡ª¡±

¡°They're getting hungry,¡± said Lupin coolly, shutting his briefcase with a snap. ¡°Dumbledore won't let them into the school, so their supply of human prey has dried up¡­I don't think they could resist the large crowd around the Quidditch field. All that excitement¡­emotions running high¡­it was their idea of a feast.¡±

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