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¡°Yes¡­ her voice went all deep and her eyes rolled and she said ¡­ she said Voldemort's servant was going to set out to return to him before midnight¡­. She said the servant would help him come back to power.¡± Harry stared up at Dumbledore. ¡°And then she sort of became normal again, and she couldn't remember anything she'd said. Was it ¡ª was she making a real prediction?¡±

By the time they reached open ground, darkness was settling like a spell around them.

A sudden sound from the corner of Hagrid's cabin made Harry, Ron, and Hermione whip around. Buckbeak the Hippogriff was lying in the corner, chomping on something that was oozing blood all over the floor.

That was a matter of opinion, thought Harry. The cat's ginger fur was thick and fluffy, but it was definitely a bit bowlegged and its face looked grumpy and oddly squashed, as though it had run headlong into a brick wall. Now that Scabbers was out of sight, however, the cat was purring contentedly in Hermione's arms.

Harry moved toward her, completely bewildered. She was holding the chain out. He saw a tiny, sparkling hourglass hanging from it.

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