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He scowled at the dark ceiling. Did they think he couldn't look after himself? He'd escaped Lord Voldemort three times; he wasn't completely useless¡­.

¡°Do you know, I still have trouble believing it,¡± said Madam Rosmerta thoughtfully. ¡°Of all the people to go over to the Dark Side, Sirius Black was the last I'd have thought¡­I mean, I remember him when he was a boy at Hogwarts. If you'd told me then what he was going to become, I'd have said you'd had too much mead.¡±

But a pair of strong, clammy hands suddenly attached themselves around Harry's neck. They were forcing his face upward¡­ He could feel its breath¡­ It was going to get rid of him first¡­ He could feel its putrid breath¡­ His mother was screaming in his ears¡­ She was going to be the last thing he ever heard ¡ª

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