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¡°What d'you mean, he was away?¡± said Harry. ¡°He was ill when I was playing in that match.¡±

Harry couldn't imagine when that would be. Dumbledore looked as though he knew what Harry was thinking.

¡°Stop!¡± he whispered to Hermione. ¡°They might hear us.¡±

¡°Wan¡¯ some tea?¡± he said. His great hands were shaking as he reached for the kettle.

Fred pulled something from inside his cloak with a flourish and laid it on one of the desks. It was a large, square, very worn piece of parchment with nothing written on it. Harry, suspecting one of Fred and George's jokes, stared at it.

¡°'Choo fall over for?¡± sniggered Stan.

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