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Wood went pale.

¡°Marge'll be here for a week,¡± Uncle Vernon snarled, ¡°and while we're on the subject,¡± he pointed a fat finger threateningly at Harry, ¡°we need to get a few things straight before I go and collect her.¡±

Harry read and reread the letter from Sirius all the way back into King's Cross station. It was still clutched tightly in his hand as he, Ron, and Hermione stepped back through the barrier of platform nine and three-quarters. Harry spotted Uncle Vernon at once. He was standing a good distance from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, eyeing them suspiciously, and when Mrs. Weasley hugged Harry in greeting, his worst suspicions about them seemed confirmed.

¡°Oh!¡± screamed Cho, pointing.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione sat down side by side at the end of the table.

Harry couldn't see where this story was going, but he was listening raptly all the same. The only sound apart from Lupin's voice was Scabbers's frightened squeaking.

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