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¡°I didn't do it on purpose,¡± said Harry, annoyed. One of the knees in his jeans was torn, and the hand he had thrown out to break his fall was bleeding. He suddenly remembered why he had fallen over and turned around quickly to stare at the alleyway between the garage and fence. The Knight Bus's headlamps were flooding it with light, and it was empty.

¡°We've got it,¡± Fred whispered to Harry. ¡°We've been improving it.¡±

¡°What was that? Who did that?¡±

¡°No. Professor Dumbledore managed to convince Fudge that I was trying to save your lives.¡± He sighed. ¡°That was the final straw for Severus. I think the loss of the Order of Merlin hit him hard. So he ¡ª er ¡ª accidentally let slip that I am a werewolf this morning at breakfast.¡±

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