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Then, quite suddenly, as though following orders, he rolled up the map, stuffed it inside his robes, and hurried to the door of the classroom. He opened it a couple of inches. There was no one outside. Very carefully, he edged out of the room and behind the statue of the one-eyed witch.

¡°Yeah, I've been thinking about them too,¡± said Ron. ¡°Harry, you've got to come and stay with us. I'll fix it up with Mum and Dad, then I'll call you. I know how to use a fellytone now ¡ª¡±

¡°Yeah, maybe,¡± said Harry as they reached the entrance hall and crossed into the Great Hall. It had been decorated with hundreds and hundreds of candle-filled pumpkins, a cloud of fluttering live bats, and many flaming orange streamers, which were swimming lazily across the stormy ceiling like brilliant watersnakes.

¡°Staying here, Potter?¡± shouted Malfoy, who was standing in line with Crabbe and Goyle. ¡°Scared of passing the Dementors?¡±

¡°Well?¡± said Snape again. ¡°This parchment is plainly full of Dark Magic. This is supposed to be your area of expertise, Lupin. Where do you imagine Potter got such a thing?¡±

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¡°It's getting worse,¡± Harry muttered, biting off the Frog's head. ¡°I could hear her louder that time ¡ª and him ¡ª Voldemort ¡ª¡±

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