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¡°Mr. Malfoy then saw an extraordinary apparition. Can you imagine what it might have been, Potter?¡±

It took a little while to calm Hermione down. When at last she had regained a grip on herself, she, Harry, and Ron went back to the castle. Ron was still slightly inclined to laugh at Hermione's Boggart, but an argument was averted by the sight that met them on the top of the steps.

Harry looked around at the cluttered table, at the long Arithmancy essay on which the ink was still glistening, at the even longer Muggle Studies essay (¡®Explain Why Muggles Need Electricity') and at the rune translation Hermione was now poring over.

But the classroom and the Dementor were dissolving¡­Harry was falling again through thick white fog, and his mother's voice was louder than ever, echoing inside his head ¡ª ¡°Not Harry! Not Harry! Please ¡ª I'll do anything ¡ª¡±

But then, from beyond the range of their vision, they heard a yelping, a whining: a dog in pain¡­.

¡°He did,¡± said Fudge heavily. ¡°And then, barely a week after the Fidelius Charm had been performed ¡ª¡±

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