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¡°I'm not going to try and interfere,¡± said Harry quickly. ¡°But if we don't see what's going on, how're we going to know when it's time to rescue Sirius?¡±

¡°Expecto patronum!¡± he gasped.

¡°What kept you?¡± Ron hissed.

¡°I'll tell you why,¡± said Black. ¡°Because you never did anything for anyone unless you could see what was in it for you. Voldemort's been in hiding for fifteen years, they say he's half dead. You weren't about to commit murder right under Albus Dumbledore's nose, for a wreck of a wizard who'd lost all of his power, were you? You'd want to be quite sure he was the biggest bully in the playground before you went back to him, wouldn't you? Why else did you find a wizard family to take you in? Keeping an ear out for news, weren't you, Peter? Just in case your old protector regained strength, and it was safe to rejoin him¡­.¡±

¡°We can't,¡± said Ron, who was paper-white. ¡°He'll be in worse trouble if they know we've been to see him¡­.¡±

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