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Harry, completely hidden beneath the Invisibility Cloak, emerged into the sunlight outside Honeydukes and prodded Ron in the back.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione whipped around. A group of men was walking down the distant castle steps. In front was Albus Dumbledore, his silver beard gleaming in the dying sun. Next to him trotted Cornelius Fudge. Behind them came the feeble old Committee member and the executioner, Macnair.

^It's stress! ̄ said Ron. ^He'd be fine if that big stupid furball left him alone! ̄

^Dumbledore isn't fond of the Azkaban guards, ̄ said Mr. Weasley heavily. ^Nor am I, if it comes to that´but when you're dealing with a wizard like Black, you sometimes have to join forces with those you'd rather avoid. ̄

Neville didn't need telling twice. He seized the envelope, and holding it before him like a bomb, sprinted out of the hall, while the Slytherin table exploded with laughter at the sight of him. They heard the Howler go off in the entrance hall ! Neville's grandmother's voice, magically magnified to a hundred times its usual volume, shrieking about how he had brought shame on the whole family.

     *     *     *     *     *     *

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