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¡°The map,¡± said Lupin. ¡°The Marauder's Map. I was in my office examining it ¡ª¡±

When they reached the portrait hole they found Sir Cadogan enjoying a Christmas part with a couple of monks, several previous headmasters of Hogwarts and his fat pony. He pushed up his visor toasted them with a flagon of mead.

¡°Here ¡ª¡± Lupin handed him a Chocolate Frog. ¡°Eat this before we try again. I didn't expect you to do it your first time; in fact, I would have been astounded if you had.¡±

Harry didn't say anything. Snape's thin mouth curled into a horrible smile.

At eight o'clock on Thursday evening, Harry left Gryffindor Tower for the History of Magic classroom. It was dark and empty when he arrived, but he lit the lamps with his wand and had waited only five minutes when Professor Lupin turned up, carrying a large packing case, which he heaved onto Professor Binn's desk.

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