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¡°Here!¡± shouted Professor Lupin suddenly, hurrying forward. Crack!

¡°Look at him!¡± he said furiously to Hermione, dangling Scabbers in front of her. ¡°He's skin and bone! You keep that cat away from him!¡±

Harry hesitated.

To make matters even worse, Harry's anti-Dementor lessons were not going nearly as well as he had hoped. Several sessions on, he was able to produce an indistinct, silvery shadow every time the Boggart-Dementor approached him, but his Patronus was too feeble to drive the Dementor away. All it did was hover, like a semitransparent cloud, draining Harry of energy as he fought to keep it there. Harry felt angry with himself, guilty about his secret desire to hear his parents¡¯ voices again.

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