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¡°What?¡± Ron said again, holding Scabbers close to him, looking scared. ¡°What's my rat got to do with anything?¡±

BANG! Thin, snakelike cords burst from the end of Snape's wand and twisted themselves around Lupin's mouth, wrists, and ankles; he overbalanced and fell to the floor, unable to move. With a roar of rage, Black started toward Snape, but Snape pointed his wand straight between Black's eyes.

¡°It came from over there!¡± said Malfoy, wiping his face, and staring at a spot some six feet to the left of Harry.

¡°What did Malfoy mean?¡± Harry muttered to Ron as he stuck his hands under the icy jet that poured from the gargoyle's mouth ¡°Why would I want revenge on Black? He hasn't done anything to me ¡ª yet.¡±

Neville's face went, if possible, even redder. Snape's lip curled, but he left, shutting the door with a snap.

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