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¡°I'm telling you ¡ª¡±

The door of the room burst open in a shower of red sparks and Harry wheeled around as Professor Lupin came hurtling into the room, his face bloodless, his wand raised and ready. His eyes flickered over Ron, lying on the floor, over Hermione, cowering next to the door, to Harry, standing there with his wand covering Black, and then to Black himself, crumpled and bleeding at Harry's feet.

¡°Everyone thought Sirius killed Peter,¡± said Lupin, nodding. ¡°I believed it myself ¡ª until I saw the map tonight. Because the Marauder's map never lies¡­Peter's alive. Ron's holding him, Harry.¡±

¡°He tells me that he was up by the Shrieking Shack when he ran into Weasley ¡ª apparently alone.¡±

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